Why join TokaiMTB , when your SANParks Level 3 Activity Permit will let you ride in Tokai without one of our members-only bike boards?

TokaiMTB is entirely funded through its membership, private and corporate donations. Not a cent of the required permit fees – paid at the gate on entry, or through your annual Level 3 SANParks Activity Permit – sees its way directly back into the trails; it tumbles into a central kitty somewhere in Pretoria. What SANParks does provide, though, is the permission and freedom for TokaiMTB to maintain and build an ever-expanding network of trails within the precincts of the Park (and sometimes even spilling over into neighbouring areas).

A strong membership will not just allow TokaiMTB to maintain the current trails and restore some long-lost favourites, but also to negotiate with critical mass when it comes to proposing some of the exciting, never-thought-possible links and routes that are on the cards in the near future.

Beyond the trails themselves, the money raised through memberships and sponsorships (all audited by BDO) will also strengthen our safety in the park, with a network of observation posts being implemented to keep us safe in our playground, from Vlakkenberg to Silvermine. This alone creates jobs, and with the small army of trail maintenance folk in the park, that is up to ten families fed through TokaiMTB.

The bigger we build this community, the more fun we – and our families too as the expansion to plenty more novice and intermediate trails rolls out – will have in a spectacular swathe of nature, right in the middle of our city.

Membership of TokaiMTB is a relatively small investment that promises handsome returns; safe, enjoyable riding for all, and runs annually from 1 March to 28 February, to accommodate the BDO-audited accounting that will see that every cent goes towards the trails.

Sign up now, and we will make the pro-rata portion that would have taken you to 28 February 2020 free-of-charge, with your bike board and Park membership being valid to 28 February 2021.