"Why join."

No, you don't need a TokaiMTB membership to ride in Tokai, that's what the SANParks level-3 Activity Card is for.

Find out below why TokaiMTB needs you.

TokaiMTB is funded entirely through its membership, plus private and corporate donations. It's not only because our bike boards look cool, not a cent of the required permit fees (paid either at the gate on entry, or through your annual Level-3 SANParks Activity Permit) sees its way directly into the trails; it tumbles into a central kitty somewhere in Pretoria and contributes towards outlying National Parks with low visitor numbers. When these fees do make their way back into Table Mountain, it's usually allocated to various conservation projects as well as general Park maintenance, like alien clearing which is a long term problem – ok, so your fees do at least help keep the mountain standing.. 

What SANParks does provide, after many long years of convincing, is the permission for TokaiMTB to build, upgrade and maintain this world-class network of mountain bike trails. Sustainability is key and regular maintenance not only provides you with the best experience, it also meets the standards required of a National Park.

Become a member and add your voice.


A strong membership will not only allow TokaiMTB to look after the trails, plus restore some long-lost favourites but also to negotiate with critical mass when it comes to proposing some of the exciting, never-thought-possible links and routes.

Beyond the trails themselves, the money raised through your membership and donations will also strengthen our safety in the Park through visible patrols to help keep us safer in our playground. These maintenance and safety initiatives create jobs and with the small army of trail maintenance folk, that is up to ten families fed through TokaiMTB.

Accounting oversight and transparency ensures that you will see every cent invested directly into the trails.

By clicking the "JOIN" link, you will be directed to our online portal affiliate, Racetec, who with their many years experience in managing online entries, will capture your details and process your payment. They are equally committed to seeing mountain biking in the Table Mountain National Park flourish.

Help build this community for more fun in a spectacular swathe of nature, right on our doorstep, in the centre of our city!

Collect your bike board from one of our affiliated bike shops around town.


So you've seen the development, ridden the trails and loved the experience? In addition to your membership, or as a stand-alone contribution, a donation to any value would be most welcome.