Please follow these common sense guidelines to ensure everyone has a good time in Tokai.


  • Be nice – first, treat everyone you meet on the trail like you’d treat your mother (if you don’t like your mother, think of someone you really really like).
  • Everyone is here to have a good time and a bit of courtesy solves a lot of problems before they happen
  • Greet fellow trail users – a wave and smile cost nothing but says everything
  • Pay it forward – if you see someone with a mechanical issue, check if you can help them out
  • Get involved – if you want to make a difference in Tokai, get involved with TokaiMTB or our volunteer trail build days.
  • Prepare for your ride – don’t go out unequipped. There is no excuse for not having enough water, spare tubes, a multi-tool, food or extra layers
  • Ride slower on crowded trails – just like on a busy highway, when trails are crowded it’s best to ride slower to ensure safety for all trail users
  • Group rides – if you are riding in a group and pass another trail user, let them know how many riders are behind you, “four more behind” or “four back” works well
  • Fit a bell – bells are small and light and a polite way to warn other users of your presence. Use them for blind corners or slow moving trail users.


  • Don’t create shortcuts or easier options – some sections of trail are purposefully difficult to challenge and improve your skills. Finding a line through or over the obstacle offers the sense of achievement, that is unbeatable!
  • Avoid collisions – no matter the rules, avoid accidents at all costs.
  • Don’t block the entries or exits – rather move off a little and keep the entry and exit lines clear.
  • No stopping in the middle of singletrack – if you stop, get off the trail.
  • Don’t skid – a golden rule for keeping trails in good shape. Creating and maintaining trails is back-breaking work and costs add up quickly, you can help by following basic MTB riding guidelines.
  • Ride dry trails – nothing damages a trail more than riding in sloppy mud and very wet conditions.
  • Don’t ride around puddles (on singletrack) – this only widens the trail, ride through them or hop over them. Keep singletrack narrow and fun


  • Leave wildlife alone! Don’t chase animals and at all costs, do not feed any wildlife.
  • Don’t litter! Better yet, if you see any litter, pick it up

Right of way

  • In Tokai, descending riders have right of way unless signposted otherwise
  • Yielding means to slow down, establish communication and be prepared to stop if necessary. Pass all trail users safely
  • Respect all other trail users
  • Yelling, “STRAVA!” is not a valid passing call.


  • If you feel there is something catches your eye on the trail and you need to tell someone, email us here and we’ll look into it.